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Let's improve the efficiency of your team through the improvement of business communication and business English skills.

Business communication skills

Seminars in English
Online and face-to-face

As a practising business interpreter and business English trainer, I am glad to share my knowledge based on my over twenty year experience in successful business communication. I run seminars that combine business English training with the practical teaching of effective and stress-free business communication. Each seminar is aimed at building practical skills, and so, includes much practice for the participants. The variety of topics (business negotiations, client meetings, telephone- and email communication, in-company communication, recruitment, working on difficult situations, stress management, presentation skills, etc.) makes each seminar interesting and dynamic.
Following the provided trraining activities, all participants are involved in active work and get encouraged to develop their own solutions and conceptions. My seminars also contribute to team work strengthening, as many learning situations are worked through in a team.