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Good translation is not just about accuracy and fast pace. An appropriate style of a conversation or a text contributes to better understanding and improves the quality of communication.

Translation and Interpreting
German – English – Russian
in the area of Düsseldorf
(also online)

As an interpreter and also as a translator, I represent your interests and follow your purpose. I will precisely and quickly convey the content and style of your conversations and written information. Your success is mine too.

My practical experience includes

  • simultaneous and consecutive interpreting at trade fairs,
  • simultaneous and consecutive interpreting at conferences and other technical, business, cultural and scientific events,
  • written translation

in German, English and Russian.

My colleagues also work with other languages.

Content and style

My completed engineering studies make a good background for technical translations and interpreting, which is an essential part of my work.
My general passion for languages helps me creatively translate and write texts, working with any topic, be it literature, art, music or science.
In my opinion, an appropriate language style is one of the most essential aspects of any translation work. So it is my professional focus along with accuracy and good timing.